Who We Are

ASI specializes in court-related substance use disorder services. We assist clients in navigating both Department of Transportation and legal system issues and requirements. At ASI, we can provide initial assessment, evaluation, court-mandated education programs and treatment.

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Our Process

  • Step No 1


    Well you can't change the past, so now you better plan for the future...

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  • Step No 2

    MY Court Date

    You Have a couple important hearings coming up quick... your initial appearance and your arraignment.

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  • Step No 3


    This is where we come in..We provide prompt and professionalsubstance abuse evaluations for OWI offenses and other drug/alcohol related charges,and you can even book your appointment online.

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  • Step No 4


    So why is it important to follow the recommendations you receive? Well, Iowa law and the DOT require you to, that is if you want to get yourdriver's license reinstated and not violate your sentencing order.

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  • Step No 5


    The DOT will mandate you to complete an impaireddrivers education class in order to have your driver's license reinstated.

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What people have to say about ASI

"It was wonderful to meet you. I appreciate your kindness, compassion and understanding. I love to meet people and think... Wow, they are really in the right profession. It was easy to see that you make a difference in people’s lives. I wish I met you years ago".

- Evaluation Client

"It was certainly refreshing to meet with you this morning; you turned much of my apprehension and fear into hope and optimism. It is now clear to me why D.B. refers many of his clients to you. I will indeed contact your office again regarding the inevitable class registration requirements. Thanks very much for your help and encouragement".

- Client S.S

"I thank you once again for your help in yet another crisis. You're awesome!"

- Client C.H

"I can't tell you how helpful it is that you guys do everything here in the same location. I spent hours online looking for different resources with no luck. THANK YOU!"

- Client P.C

"Assessment Services is outstanding, I highly recommend".

- Client A.S

"I liked the program because it made me ask questions about my life".

- Weekend Program Client

"Diane, you are awesome! Thank you!"

- OWI Program Participant

"The overall message helped me change my view for the better".

- Weekend Class Student

“I learned more than I ever thought I would here! A weekend well spent! I have to admit my attitude coming in wasn’t the best, but I am excited to start in on the goals I have planned for myself. I feel like the knowledge I will walk out with will not only help me, but I am positive I have better skills to help my kids my good decisions”.

- OWI Class Student

“I thought the class was very well taught. Diane was one of the best teachers I had ever experienced”.

- Class Participant

“Program is good. The instructor was pleasant, well informed and a joy to be around”.

- 12-Hour Student

"Diane put on the most educational program I have ever witnessed or been through. I have learned alot and retained the information that was presented. She has been a true inspiration in my life, thanks".

- 2017 February OWI 2 Class Client

" I think Diane did an excellent job of presenting how the ramifications of crashes by intoxicated drivers effect all sides".

- 2017 OWI 2 Victim Impact Participant

" It was impactful and very well presented. Diane and Roxanne did a super job of facilitating the sessions. I think it would also be helpful to people PRIOR to receiving an OWI".

- OWI 2nd Offense Program Participant 2017

" It was more informative than I thought it would be...kept my attention".

- 2017 Weekend Program Participant

"The weekend environment provided was professional, caring and inviting. Made a long day fun!"

- Weekend Program Client

"I am ashamed of what happened, but at the same time...I am grateful! My eyes have been opened to the severity and dangers of drinking in general."

- OWI 2 class student

"Thank you to everyone as Assessment Services. Should I need to, I will always highly recommend your business."

- May 2017 weekend class participant

"I want to commend the prompt service that was provided by the company. I would highly recommend it to my family and friends."

- OWI 48-hour program participant

"EVERYONE referred me to ASI."

- Evaluation Client

"Krista used her sense of humor to show support for the needs and attitudes of the group."

- OWI 2nd Offense Program Participant


Why choose ASI?

  • Prompt, Hassle Free Service: We will get you in quickly and file your reports for you in a timely manner
  • Excellent Care: We coordinate all of your statutory reporting requirements so you don’t have to
  • Professional Experience: Krista M. Lindholm has over 15 years experience in the field of social work and substance abuse counseling and is passionate about offering people options, hope and support
  • We accept ALL major credit cards. We DO NOT accept personal checks.
  • major credit cards


Our Services

OWI 1st Offense Weekend Program (Double or Single Room) $450 - $700
OWI 2nd Offense Weekend Program (Double or Single Room) $850 - $1,200
Substance Use Disorder Assessment/Evaluation ( OWI and Non-OWI) 


Have you been charged with an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) or other alcohol/drug related charge?

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